Advent Week 1: Hope

Week 1 Hope

Advent sneaks up on me every single year, but especially this year because Thanksgiving was so late! I stuffed my face with turkey and pie and turn around and BAM! Advent is staring me in the face! Advent is my favorite season of the year. No, not the Christmas season, but ADVENT. Advent is the four Sundays prior to Christmas where we prepare our hearts for the coming birth of Christ.

The United Methodist Church (and other denominations) light candles on an Advent wreath each week prior to Christmas Eve and a white “Christ” candle in the middle on Christmas Eve. I know that not all traditions do an advent wreath, so I explain about the wreath and have some beautiful candle-lit pictures.
Celebrating Advent at Home: The Advent Wreath
The United Methodist Church puts out a Advent Worship at Home for families to light the candles and celebrate each week just as the church does, but I found myself needing to adjust it quite a bit for my family with such young kids. So I thought I would share my adaptation of the church’s home worship.

Advent Week 1: Hope

First Reader: This is the first Sunday in Advent. Today, we light one purple candle. This is the candle of hope. Advent is a time of waiting and hoping. We wait for the day when we celebrate again the birth of Jesus. We hope that everyone will come to know and worship God.

(Light the first purple candle)

Second Reader:  When we look at the first candle, we remember God’s promise.  God promised to send a someone to save the people. God fulfills his promises and takes care of his people. God brings peace and all of this gives us hope. Again we wait excitedly for the birth of baby Jesus.

Sing: Oh Come Let us Adore Him
Matt Redman- Oh Come Let us Adore Him (video with lyrics from youtube)

Read Jeremiah 33:14-16
The time is coming, declares the Lord, when I will fulfill my gracious promise with the people of Israel and Judah. 15 In those days and at that time, I will raise up a righteous branch from David’s line, who will do what is just and right in the land. 16 In those days, Judah will be saved and Jerusalem will live in safety. And this is what he will be called: The Lord Is Our Righteousness.

Prayer: Dear God: Thank you for your son, Jesus. Thank you for the words of Jeremiah, the prophet, that remind us that you are the source of our hope. Help us to live each day with hope and to share hope with everyone around us. AMEN.

Most of this comes straight from the Advent Home Worship. I re-worded and re-wrote a few things so that my smaller kids could understand it better. I also left out the discussion and shortened a few other parts. Definitely check out the one made by the United Methodist Church!
Advent Worship at Home

Don’t feel bad if you don’t get to this on Sundays. Just try and do it sometime during that week. My parents did this with us every year growing up and it is one of my most powerful memories. I hope that these help you and your family enjoy the Advent season together and keep Christ in the center!

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There is Power in Love

man remembered

I don’t often write posts like this, but my little town was shook with a tragedy this week and it lays heavy on my heart. I honestly write this more for myself, than for those who might read this.

One of our own Hutto police officers was killed in the line of duty this week. This is an horrible tragedy any time a police officer loses their life doing their job, but in a small town where there are only 25 police officers and only 90 city employees, the impact feels so much greater. We hear about tragedies on the news and read about officers being killed in other places, but it is a whole different world when it happens at home. The whole town hurts, the whole town mourns, the whole town unites and the whole town shows love.

Tonight Hutto held a prayer vigil for the family, the fellow servicemen and the community.  It was a powerful place to be. One particularly powerful moment happened at the beginning of the vigil. The fireman standing guard with the American flag probably went unnoticed to many, but left me speechless and full of tears. He stood there at his post in front of the crowd, one hand on the American flag, one hand behind his back and one line of tears down his face. He kept his eyes closed for most of the time and his face was one of immense sadness, but also great pride. Every now and then the wind would blow and the American flag would stretch out full and I could not help see the power in this moment. I do not know this man, or his story, but I don’t have to know him to know that he knew the fallen officer personally. The hurt was real, the tears were real and the embrace of the family was real. The image of this in my head is perfect and no photograph could possibly capture the power in this moment.


Powerful prayers were lifted up, scriptures were read and words of encouragement were spoken to the family and the community. At the end, candles were lit and the community together sang Amazing Grace. It was breathtaking to see the sheer number of people that came out to share their love and support. They took time out of their day, their busy schedules to be present and say, “I support you”.

I was mentioning to a friend that I wish I could do more, to help more, but didn’t know what to do. I didn’t help plan the vigil, I didn’t help organize a memorial fund, I didn’t do anything. She reminded me that I filled a space. If I wasn’t there tonight then my “space” would have been open. Just as every person tonight filled a space that would have been vacant if they had chosen to go do something else. And if we all didn’t do our part tonight, the vigil would not have happened. As a “do-er” I needed this reminder that even though I might not be doing something big, I am still DOING something and showing my support.

I could not be prouder of my small little community of Hutto. We have come together to show our love and support to the family and local police/fire department. This is the first service-member in the history of our town to lose their life in the line of duty. Today and the days to come, the people of Hutto will be wearing blue ribbons, turning on blue porch lights, and posting blue bows in their yard and many other gestures to honor our fallen hero, and hopefully comfort his family in showing them that the community is behind them, supporting them and loving them.

Tonight I pray for peace. I pray for other officers in my town who are heartbroken for strength. I pray for the family: his parents, his wife, his children, for comfort and love. I pray for the officer’s friends. And I pray for those who kiss their families goodbye every day to protect and serve. May they be safe, may they be just, and and may they be brought home when their shift is over.

Thanks for letting me get a little off my heart tonight. Have a blessed day.

police picture

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Celebrating Advent at Home: Advent Calendar & Jesus Tree

Advent Calendar and Jesus Tree

Last year we hung the stockings on one long string instead of the frame.

Last year we hung the stockings on one long string instead of the frame.

In addition to our weekly tradition of lighting the Advent Wreath, my husband and I wanted to do something small with the kids each day to celebrate Advent and again keep the focus on Jesus.  If you want to know more about Advent, check out my Advent vs Christmas post.

Many people do an “Advent” calendar where each day leading up to Christmas you open the door/pocket/stocking and there is a small gift inside. I would probably rename these Christmas calendars because although lots of families enjoy doing these, those calendars do not have anything to do with Advent.  Advent is for preparing for Christ not Christmas. So I took that idea and turned it into a true Advent tradition for our family. I picked 24 Scriptures and 24 names for Jesus. One for each day in December leading up to Christmas. Each day we will read a part of Jesus’ story from the bible and put an ornament on our “Jesus Tree” that has a name for Jesus. The scriptures range from prophecies about the coming of Jesus, to the preparing a way for Jesus, and Jesus’ birth.

How we do our Advent Calendar

Our advent calendar with 24 mini stockings with scriptures and ornaments inside

Our advent calendar with 24 mini stockings with scriptures and ornaments inside

I made the Advent calendar in the picture with small stockings hung on small rope. On each stocking I painted a number for the corresponding day of December leading up to Christmas. Inside each stocking is a printed card with the scripture for the day and a small ornament with a name of Jesus.

Each ornament has a different name for Jesus. This one is God with Us.

Each ornament has a different name for Jesus. This one is God with Us.

Every night after PJ’s are put on and teeth are brushed, we get together and do our Advent Calendar. The kids pull out the ornament with a name of Jesus and the card with the scripture on it out of the stocking that corresponds to that day. We sit down together as a family and Daddy reads the scripture and then we tell them what ornament says. Then they hang the ornament on our Jesus Tree.

Our small Jesus tree ready for ornaments.

Our small Jesus tree ready for ornaments.

Here are the scriptures we are using for each night and the name for Jesus:
                             December 1:             Isaiah 7: 13-15;              Immanuel
                             December 2:             Isaiah 9: 6-7;                 Prince of Peace
                             December 3:             Isaiah 11: 1-5;                Wonderful Counselor
                             December 4:             Isaiah 11: 6-10;              Lion of Judah
                             December 5:             Jeremiah 33: 14-16;         Savior
                             December 6:             Micah 5: 2-5;                Good Shepherd
                             December 7:             Luke 1: 11-17;                The Way
                             December 8:             Luke 1: 21-25;               Lord
                             December 9:             Luke 1: 26-38;               Jesus
                             December 10:           Matthew 1: 18-21;          Messiah
                             December 11:           Matthew 1: 22-26;          Holy One
                             December 12:           Luke 1: 39-45;                Son of God
                             December 13:           Luke 1: 46-56;                Mighty One
                             December 14:           Luke 2: 1-5;                   Christ
                             December 15:           Luke 2: 6-7;                   Healer
                             December 16:           Luke 2: 8-12;                 Anointed One
                             December 17:           Luke 2: 13-14;                Light of the World
                             December 18:           Luke 2: 15-18;               Lamb of God
                             December 19:           Luke 2: 19-20;               Redeemer
                             December 20:           Matthew 2: 1-2;            God With Us
                             December 21:           Matthew 2: 3-6;            King of Kings
                             December 22:           Matthew 2: 7-8;            Rabbi
                             December 23:           Matthew 2: 9-12;           Everlasting Father
                             December 24:           John 1:14                     The Word
I found many different lists of scriptures online and in print and adapted the list of scriptures to what I thought was the most important. I wanted to make sure that the scriptures to cover the prophecies, the preparation of Jesus’ birth and Jesus’ birth, but did not want the scriptures to be too long each day. So I read the all the verses, shortened some and lengthened others. The list that I have compiled is, for the most part, in chronological order. Most of the names for Jesus relate to the verses read for that day, but some do not, but all are names used for Jesus.
I printed and laminated tags with each day's scripture.

I printed and laminated tags with each day’s scripture.

It is okay not to have an Advent calendar or a Jesus tree. If all you do is sit down as a family each night and read the verses and learn the name for Jesus that day, I think that is wonderful! I hope you join us in celebrating Advent with a little piece of the Christmas story and a little bit more of Jesus each day!

God Bless
Happy Advent
and Merry Christmas,

Katie <><

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Celebrating Advent at Home: Advent Wreath

Our advent wreath all lit up on Christmas Eve last year.

Our advent wreath all lit up on Christmas Eve last year.

Although the true origin of the advent wreath is not known, we do know that the advent wreath started being used in the Middle Ages by the Catholics. Each part of the wreath has a significant and symbolic meaning. The four candles around the outside represent the four weeks before Christmas. Lighting the candles each Sunday and participating in the traditions of the Advent wreath are a wonderful way to help prepare our hearts and our families for Christmas, the coming of Christ.

If you want more history on the Advent Wreath, the Catholic church explains the history here.

The tradition of the Advent Wreath is commonly done at church, during the services on the four Sundays prior to Christmas to help celebrate the season of advent and prepare us for the coming of Christmas, but as I was growing up we did it at home as well. I loved it growing up as it kept us centered and made us closer during this season. The wreath has three purple candles and a pink candle around the outside and a white candle in the middle. Each Sunday night we light the candle for that week (and any candles for the weeks prior), read a scripture, sing a song or two and then have a small discussion. On Christmas Eve, we light all the candles and the white Christ candle in the middle. This is done at the Christmas Eve service at church and then at home right before we went to bed.

Our advent wreath with 3 purple and one pink candle surrounding the white Christ candle in the middle

Our advent wreath with 3 purple and one pink candle surrounding the white Christ candle in the middle

Our Advent Wreath at Home
Week 1: Purple candle of Hope
Week 2: Purple candle of Love
Week 3: Pink candle of Joy (some traditions have 4 purple)
Week 4: Purple candle of Peace
Christmas Eve: White Christ candle
Here is another source from the United Methodist Church that talks about the candles on the wreath. What do the candles in the advent wreath mean?

If you are interested in more about each week, or a guide to follow for each week, the United Methodist Church and the Presbyterian Church have good family devotions for each week:
Advent Home Worship (United Methodist)
Lighting of the Advent Wreath(Presbyterian)

I really believe it’s never too young to do things like this even if your kids don’t understand everything. If their favorite thing to do is blow the candles out each Sunday night when you get done its ok. They are soaking in a lot more than you think they are! I know because I am keeping my parents’ tradition of doing the advent wreath at home as a family. The goal for my husband and I is to keep our family grounded and centered on Jesus’ birth and the grand importance of it. I want my children to be thankful for the gift of Jesus Christ first.

Here is a short video talking about the advent wreath from a series called Chuck Knows Church. It’s short and kinda corny, but is a fun, simple video that explains all the candles and the wreath. Check it out! Chuck Knows Church- Advent Wreath

Check out the other posts in my Celebrating Advent at Home series:
Advent vs Christmas
Advent Calendar and Jesus Tree

God Bless,
Happy Advent,
and Merry Christmas,

Katie <><

**I bought the octagon mirror, purple/pink/clear candle holders and votive candles for under $20 at Hobby Lobby! It was super easy to assemble/disassemble and is a beautiful decoration to leave out during the Advent/Christmas season!

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To You, I Promise…

Dear Sweet Children of Mine,

     As 2013 begins I just want you to know that I love you and I wish the richest blessings on you both for the next year. You both are growing and learning so fast and Daddy and I are having trouble keeping up with you guys changing so fast. I know this year will come with many exciting moments, scary moments, sad moments and happy moments, but right now I want to make a promise to you. As your mother, I want to be the best for you. I want to be the mother, the best mother God has created me to be. Here is my promise to you for 2013:

I promise to play with you more than gripe at you.

I promise to pray for you and pray with you every day.

I promise to teach you about patience by practicing patience.

I promise to let you learn by letting you explore your world (and let you get dirty).

I promise to teach you about God’s love by being a living example of God’s love.

I promise to be slow to anger and not to raise my voice when I lose my temper.

I promise to sing with you, dance with you, and be silly with you, no matter who’s watching.

I promise to teach you about the world by sometimes letting you fall down.

I promise to help you back up when you fall down.

I promise to show you how much I love you with more hugs, kisses and cuddles than you can handle.

I promise to not only take pictures of you, but take pictures with you.

I promise to read the Bible with you every day.

I promise to help you grow with self-confidence by always saying encouraging words.

I promise to play blocks, cars, dolls or kitchen with you even if I’d rather not.

I promise to let you be who you want to be, no matter what anyone else thinks.

I promise to teach you kind words by using kinds words.

I promise to show you how important you are by giving you my time.

I promise to spoil you with love, knowledge and imagination rather than with material things.

I promise to teach you that it’s okay to make mistakes by admitting my own mistakes.

I love you two more than you could ever imagine! I know 2013 will be a wonderful year for us all and I pray that you enjoy it!



Dear Mommy,
     Your promises are beautiful and it is obvious you want the very best for your children, but this is a tall order. Your words will not always be encouraging, your anger will get the best of you, you will sit on the couch instead of playing blocks, and you will lose your patience. This does not mean you are not a good mother. In fact, you are the very best mother for these children. God has given and entrusted them to you.

    This does not mean you should hit the “delete” button and not make these promises. In fact, you should make these promises with the intention of keeping them. Strive toward these promises, keep them in your heart and your intentions will not go unnoticed.

     Your children will notice your gestures: that deep breath before you speak instead of getting mad, the TV being turned off to play trains with them, the extra squeeze you give them just because. They will notice and their lives will be richer because of it. And when mistakes happen, admit them. Say you are sorry in front of them. Let them know that it’s okay to make mistakes and to admit them and they will be richer because of it.

Promise to promise these to your children, do the very best you can in keeping them, and 2013 will be a year full of innumerable blessings!

Love in truth,
Mommy from reality

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Advent vs Christmas

Our advent wreath lit up for the first week

Our advent wreath lit up for the first week

I will just be honest. I am not a fan of Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas carols and decorating the house with my family, but there is something about Christmas time that makes me irritable…the “I want! I want! I want!” consumerism. It bothered me as a little kid (just ask my parents) and bugs me even more now that I am grown up with kids of my own. I know I want Christmas to be different than the typical getting and giving gifts and Santa and all of that (We will save Santa for another post). So my husband and I decided to emphasize the season of Advent rather than the Christmas season. No, Advent is not about opening a box/stocking/pocket from an advent calendar and getting a gift EVERY DAY until Christmas. That is NOT what Advent is!

I am United Methodist, but many denominations have similar traditions. Even if your denomination doesn’t have Advent traditions, it is never too late to start them as a family.

What is Advent? 
Advent is the four weeks prior to Christmas starting on the fourth Sunday before Christmas. Advent is time of preparation of the coming of Jesus, thus Advent comes from the Latin word adventus meaning “coming”.  Advent was started in fourth century France and the number of weeks of preparation varied from 3 to 4 to 6 weeks before Christmas, but the tradition now stands at four weeks. Advent is also the start of the liturgical (church) calendar. Other seasons include Christmas (yes, this is a separate season), Epiphany, and later Lent and Easter. As a church and as individual Christians we prepare ourselves by reading the Scriptures that foretell Jesus’ coming, prepare the for Jesus to be born, and Jesus’ birth story. We also prepare by centering ourselves around Jesus and not around ourselves.

Find our more about the history and meaning of Advent:

Our Family Advent Traditions:

Advent Calendar & Jesus Tree
This is a new tradition that we started this year. I made this Advent calendar with mini stockings and small clear ornaments. Each stocking has a scripture and an ornament. 24 Scriptures and 24 names for Jesus written on an ornament. One for each day in December leading up to Christmas.

Our advent calendar with 24 mini stockings with scriptures and ornaments inside

Our advent calendar with 24 mini stockings with scriptures and ornaments inside

Each day we will read a part of Jesus’ story from the bible and put an ornament on our “Advent Tree” that has a name for Jesus. The scriptures range from prophecies about the coming of Jesus, to the preparing a way for Jesus and Jesus’ birth.

Our small Jesus tree ready for ornaments.

Our small Jesus tree ready for ornaments.

If you want the scriptures and names of Jesus I used, check out: Celebrating Advent at Home: Advent Calendar and Jesus Tree.

Advent Wreath
The wreath has three purple candles and a pink candle around the outside and a white candle in the middle. Each Sunday night we light the candle for that week, read a scripture, sing a song or two and then have a small discussion. On Christmas Eve, we light all the candles and the white Christ candle in the middle. This is done at the Christmas Eve service at church and then at home right before we went to bed.

Our advent wreath with 3 purple and one pink candle surrounding the white Christ candle in the middle

Our advent wreath with 3 purple and one pink candle surrounding the white Christ candle in the middle

Some people go crazy about Christmas covering their house with decorations (don’t get me wrong I do LOVE Christmas decorations), doing the elf on the shelf and all of that (and I totally have no problems with that at all), but I consider myself an Advent addict! (I am considering starting a new hashtag trend with #adventaddict) love the preparation of the coming of Jesus, all the symbolism in the candles, colors and what-not, and the faith-building and togetherness it creates with my family!

God Bless you and your family this time of year and always!Find out about our Advent and Christmas family traditions in my Celebrating Advent at Home series:
Advent Calendar and Jesus Tree
Advent Wreath

Katie <><

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A New Life

“For I know the plans I have made for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you; plans to give you hope and and a future” Jeremiah 29:11

In the Islamic tradition, at the moment of birth, the newborn’s mother or father will whisper the Islamic call to prayer into the newborn’s ear as the first thing the baby hears.Thus, the child’s life begins with words of praise to Allah and a call to faith in Allah.

My husband and I love this tradition, but being Christian we changed it to fit our own faith. So when I was pregnant with my son, my husband and I decided to say a prayer into our newborn’s ear the moment he was born. I spend many nights throughout my pregnancy praying and thinking about the perfect prayer to whisper into my son’s ear when he was born. I wanted it to be specific to him and special to the both of us.

So, as my son was being put on my chest, as the madness of the hospital team was bustling around me and pictures were being taken, I looked down at this tiny creation that God had placed in my life and I whispered the prayer God had given me into my son’s ear. As I whispered the prayer, my eyes filled with tears, and even as I write this over a year later, it sends shivers down my spine to think of that wonderful moment.

The prayer that God gave to me was perfect and it stemmed from a thought that I had throughout my entire pregnancy. How can anyone, who has had a child, deny the existence of God? It seemed like in every step of my pregnancy, I was in awe of God’s wonder, majesty and power because of this little miracle growing inside of me. I think that is exactly how each of us starts life. God creates each one of us, this beautiful, unique masterpiece. He breathes life into us and says, “I have a wonderful plan for your life!”

I can tell you one thing…I grew more in my faith and grew closer to God in those nine months before my son was born than I have in the past five years. It was like God was letting me take part in a tiny part of his creation. And that tiny role that I had was so huge…it changed my life forever. If this tiny part of creation that I was able to be a part of radically changed my life so much, can you imagine how HUGE the power of God is? 

So I pray that you get to touch and understand a tiny piece of God’s creation. I also pray you understand how tiny that piece is and as a result gain understanding about how GREAT the power of God really is. How AMAZING! As always, God Bless you and your family!

Until the Whole World Hears,
Katie <><
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Why Grace Faith Dirt?

“Start children off on the way they should go,
   and even when they are old they will not turn from it”.  Proverbs 22:6
My other posts have been very information based up to this point, but I want to make sure and not leave out the faith aspect of my life and how vitally important it is in raising my children. God has been tugging on my heart to start this blog to help others for a while. I put it off for a long time, until I was talking with my midwife last Friday. I was telling her about all the stuff I had read and all the resources I had found (with help from other moms) and my idea of a mommy resource blog/website just happened to fall out of my mouth. All she simply said was, “Wow! That’s a great idea!” and it clicked for me. No more waiting, no more putting off what God wanted me to do. 
I was struggling with what to call my blog. I wanted something unique, faith-based, but also applicable to the “mommy crowd”. So I thought to myself, “what does it take to be a great mommy” and grace, faith and dirt were the things that came to mind. (yeah, that makes you wonder what goes through my mind sometimes!) As I have said before, being a Godly parent requires lots of all three.

“Out of his fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given.”   John 1:16

This is most easily defined as a gift that we do no deserve. God shows us grace through the gift of salvation. We do no deserve to spend eternity with God and there is NOTHING we can do to earn the gift of salvation no matter how many “good deeds” we do through out our life. All we have to simply do is accept this gift by accepting Jesus into our hearts! It takes lots of grace to be a Godly mom! We must show, by example, the grace of God to us by showing grace to our children. Showing and sharing how much God loves us and how much we love our children when we get a “gift” of any kind undeserved is a great way to show grace. Today was a perfect example of showing my son grace. All afternoon he was fussy, throwing fits and not listening. It took all that I had not to loose my composure and just give in. I just wanted to put him in his crib and let him cry until Daddy got home. Through the grace of God we made it through. We worked on walking around the room, watched an episode of Blues Clues, and went outside for a short walk. Small acts like these are perfect ways to show grace to our children.

“I have chosen to be faithful;
      I have determined to live by your regulations”. Psalm 119:30
As Christians we have faith in God. We believe, we have faith, that God is the creator of the universe and that he sent his only son to die on a cross and then rise from the dead so we can have the opportunity to get to heaven. As Christian parents, we need to also have faith in ourselves, our spouses and our children. God has given you this most wonderful gift, a child, to nurture and raise up to be Godly adults with strong faith in Him. That means that God knows you can do it! God has FAITH in your ability as a parent! That is some powerful encouragement (at least for me it is!) Have faith in yourself, in your gut instincts. As the saying goes, “Mommy knows best” and it is so true. The same thing goes for your spouse. I hear so many stories of moms being so worried about leaving their newborns with their husbands. I understand the fear and anxiety (trust me, I do!) but at the same time, God has just as much faith in your spouse as a parent as he does you! God has entrusted you AND your spouse to this wonderful gift and God has faith that you both will raise your children the way He wants you to. Lastly you have to have faith that everything is going to work out! This is the HARDEST part for me! When things go wrong and you have no control, you must put your faith in God. When something happens, you have to have faith in the doctors and nurses that are helping your little one. Having faith is one of the most important, yet one of the hardest things about being a parent.

“Then the Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground. He breathed the breath of life into the man’s nostrils, and the man became a living person.” Genesis 2:7

This may be the least serious of the three, but yet I think it is important. These are just the facts of life: Your baby is going to get dirty. Your baby is going to get hurt, scratched, pushed down, etc. The important thing to remember is IT IS OK! Dirt don’t hurt! (If God made man from the “dust of the ground”, how bad can it be?)It is such a wonderful thing that God made babies washable! I think we need to remember to let our babies explore, even if it means he will get sand in his diaper, or mashed potatoes in his hair! Though there is a difference in letting your baby explore but being cautious and being just plain stupid. I used to not let my son get into things or explore certain places because I was scared of the dirt. My mom and my husband would laugh and ignore my “freak outs”. I finally realized that my son was missing out on learning new thing and exploring new places because I was scared of a little dirt that would come off in the tub! I know it is hard, but when you finally feel comfortable and your baby is past the 8 weeks mark (more on that later, if you are wondering) let your baby down in the dirt, let him pet the dog that sheds like crazy, let him be barefoot! You might even find that getting dirty is fun!

As a fellow parent and Christian, I pray that your life is filled with lots of grace, faith and dirt all throughout your child rearing years! I pray that God’s grace is show to you in a very real way. I pray that your faith in God, your spouse and your children grow stronger every day. Lastly I pray that you get down and dirty and have lots of fun raising your children! As always! God bless you and your family!

Until the Whole World Hears,
Katie <><

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