Thrifty Thursday: Converse

To start my story off correctly, I need to tell you the back story. (Ok, I don’t NEED to, but I want to).

When my husband and I got married, we were in love with Converse All Stars (the shoes) All of our groomsmen wore converse, including the groom. I even had some specially made converse that said “bride”. My husband still wears his converse from the wedding and our Big Boy thinks they are cool shoes.

My awesome wedding shoes. Photo by Blake and Shires

My awesome all white converse wedding shoes. Yes, I totally wore these with my dress and they are still my favorite pair of shoes. Photo by Blake and Valerie Shires.

So the kids and I were strolling around our favorite thrift store like we do WAY too often and I came across some black converse in just my son’s size. They looked just like Dad’s AND they looked BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW! We just HAD to get them! I took a baby wipe to those bad boys, added new shoe laces and BAM! New shoes, just like Dad!

Before I took a wipe and new laces to the shoes, and then after!

Before I took a wipe and new laces to the shoes, and then after!

Seriously, they looked brand new and as you can tell from my before and after picture, I was very proud of how good they looked. Although the find was not as impressive as the Diffuser or Carrier, it was still a great deal!

Daddy and Big Boy in their matching shoes

Daddy and Big Boy in their matching shoes

The price listed on the Converse All Stars was $3.99!

The exact pair is listed at for $30!

Let’s Review:
Retail Price: $30
What I Paid: $3.99
Total Savings: $26.01

Now that’s a thrifty find!

Yes, I realize that $26 isn’t really THAT much, but (1) I am SOOO not spending $30 on toddler shoes that my son will grow out of in 6 months or less (2) Can you really put a prize on the happiness of a little boy who just wants to match his Daddy and (3) They are Converse! If you love them as much as we do, you understand!

**To check out more of my thrift store finds, check out Thrifty Thursday!**


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Thrifty Thursday: Kelty Kids Carrier

Again, here I am browsing my local thrift store looking for “something cool” and I find this canvas bag with something folded up inside. At first glance it looks like a tent, or camping chair. I can’t really tell so I take it out of the bag (which I soon learn does not belong with it) and I unfold this mysterious item and its a Kelty Kids Backpack Carrier! It was in like new condition and it even had an attachable shade. (For a Texan, this is important!)

Sissy in the Backpack

My husband carrying Sissy (who was 2 in the picture) in our Kelty Kids carrier at our town’s garden show.



Guys, this is the carrier that my parents claimed I lived in for the first two years of my life. I was so excited to find this that I called my mom and made her guess what I just found. Once I stopped making her guess and told her what it was, she was very excited and told me I HAD to get it. I checked the price and let out a little squeal! I was definitely going to get it!

The price listed on the Kelty Kids Carrier was $15.99!

Although the exact carrier is no longer listed as one they are selling, the equivalent, current carrier is listed at $139.95.

Let’s Review.
Retail Price: $139.95
What I Paid: $ 15.99
Total Savings: $123.96

Now that’s a thrifty find!

**Since buying this carrier, I have dove deep into baby/toddler wearing and have all sorts of carriers and slings. This one is great for the outdoor, hiking with a toddler.**

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Thrifty Thursday: Essential Oil Diffuser

So, I’ve been throwing around the idea of sharing some of my awesome thrift store finds, and I finally decided to go for it!

If you don’t know already, I have a little bit of a thrift store addiction. I think the problem is that I always find awesome stuff. I have learned that this is hereditary. My maternal grandmother was the queen of thrift stores and garage sales. It seemed like she could get ANYTHING for a quarter! So this skill was passed on to my mother and now to me, and I LOVE it.

I thought I would start of my Thrifty Thursday series off with my greatest find TO DATE!

Oil Diffuser

This is an essential oil diffuser.

I found this little gem at my local Goodwill! It was packaged in its original box and looked brand new! After I opened the box to make sure it was really in there and all the parts were there I literally did a double take and glanced around the store like someone was going to pop out and say “just kidding!” No, that didn’t happen. Then I checked the price tag and almost fainted. (Which would have been a whole ordeal because I was a good 28 or so weeks pregnant)

The listed price was $4.99!

Yes, you read that right! $4.99!

The retail price on this diffuser is $98.95!
(Since I bought this, Young Living has come out with a new diffuser, but it is almost exactly like this. At the time, this was the current YL diffuser)

After reading the price, I put it into my cart faster than a pregnant lady should ever move. Then I promptly called everyone I knew (and who knew about essential oils) and shoved it in their face. HAH!

Let’s review.
Retail Price: $98.95
What I Paid: $ 4.99
Total Savings: $93.96

Now that’s what you call a thrifty find!

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