The Babies of Babywearing

Happy International Babywearing Week! I am continuing my celebration of International Babywearing Week with MORE PICTURES!! Yay! You can’t exactly do any babywearing without a baby! (Though I have seen many a stuffed animal or even a dog being worn) So the babies are the main focus this time. As I said before, babies that are close with their moms (or dads) are happy, content babies. It was so interesting to watch each baby interact with his/her mom, react to me taking pictures and to their surroundings. Seven different babies with seven very different personalities, but all loved being worn by their moms!


3 month old Demi peeking out from being carried by mom, Mandi in her Boba 4G

I could not get over how beautiful this baby’s eyes were. I love blue eyed babies! Demi’s mom, Mandi says that she loves babywearing because “I love feeling her so close, especially in social situations where there’s a lot of people around. She relaxes immediately in the carrier and so do I.”


18 month old Norah hanging out on mom, Amanda’s back in their mei tai

Norah loves when mom bounces her around while wearing her. Her mom, Amanda says that she loves babywearing because it “keeps me hands free and baby comfy”.


8 month old Evan cuddling up to mom, Rebecca in a homemade ringsling

Even though Baby Evan wasn’t feeling 100%, I got a few shots of this sweet boy snuggling his mom. I am partial to this ring sling because I made it, and plus it makes his eyes POP! Rebecca says she loves babywearing because “When nothing else will calm him down, babywearing does!”


8 month old Kaylee enjoying the taste of the Ergo Sport straps.

Kaylee’s mom Shelby is fairly new to babywearing, but these two fell in love fast with this carrier and how comfy it was for both. Shelby says that she loves babywearing because “we feel closer together”.


8 month old Zechariah giving me a big smile from being worn by his mom Shannon in the Infantino Mei Tai

I had not seen adorable Zecheriah in quite a few months, but as soon as he saw me he reached out and I got to hold him while his mom got all ready with the carrier. Shannon says she loves babywearing because “It has helped me be close to my little one, but still allow me to be hands free to take care of my other children and get housework completed”


11 month old Greyson snuggling up on his mom, TJ in their Ergo Galaxy with adorable monster suck pads

Greyson has the most adorable curly hair and beautiful eyes. His mom, TJ says  “I love to wear my baby because they feel safe when they are close. I can nurse and have my hands free!”


8 month old Jameson snuggling with mom, Maria in her comfy wrap.

Baby Jameson cracked me up with his smiles and wiggles! Him mom, Maria, says that she loves babywearing because “Because its the only time My son will cuddle with me”.

It really was amazing how easy it was to get these sweet babies to smile while being held by their moms. If you want to see more babywearing photos check out My Babywearing Project.

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My Babywearing Project


Babywearing group shot at our local park.

Happy International Babywearing Week! I have been planning on doing some fun things on my blog to celebrate and participate in International Babywearing Week (Oct 4-10). For those that are not familiar with this, International Babywearing Week is a week-long opportunity to celebrate, advocate for, focus media attention on the many benefits of babywearing, sponsored by Babywearing International. People all over the world wear their babies and this is a week to tell people how much we love it and share the benefits of wearing your baby.

So I put out a request to see if anyone would be interested in doing a mini babywearing photo-shoot to celebrate babywearing. I figured it would be a fun, small way to get real moms from the local community involved in a international event. I had such a wonderful response and my week soon filled up with mini-sessions of moms and their babies. Let me tell you, this has been one of the most fun weeks I’ve had in a while! It also got me thinking. I walked into this project hoping to learn more about photography, but I learned so much more than some photography skills when I was out there taking pictures of these moms. I talked with the moms, I listened to moms, I played with babies, and I did so much more! I realized early in my sessions that this was no longer about babywearing, but about moms.


Shannon and her 8 month old baby boy in an Infantino Mei Tai

Moms NEED community but for some reason (time, family, work, etc) never seem to make it a priority. Moms need to be around other moms. We need to know we are not alone. We need to know that its normal to feel what we feel as moms of little ones. As I was doing my sessions, I cannot tell you how many times I heard how long its been since they got out of the house, or put make-up on, or just enjoyed the outside with their little ones. I don’t have the answer because I am guilty of not making this a priority, but it was very clear that community is important to being a healthy (and sane) mom.


TJ and her 11 month old baby boy in an Ergo Galaxy

Moms with their little ones are beautiful. I don’t just mean beautiful on the inside, because let me tell you. ALL the moms I photographed this last week are immensely beautiful on the inside. (as well as on the outside, but I’m getting to that) Moms with their babies are beautiful (Did I already say that?) Every single mom that I shot had a negative comment about her own appearance. Every single one. While some moms were concerned about lingering baby weight, others commented about their hair or skin not being perfect, but as soon as they got in front of the camera with their little ones, they were glowing, radiant, confident moms. I hope they see the beauty and confidence in the pictures that I saw during the photo shoot.


Maria and her 8 month old baby boy in a wrap.

These babies are happy. Let me explain what I mean. As moms we are always second guessing ourselves. Are we doing the right things? Are we raising our kids the right way? Is this what is best? My answer to these moms is YES! It was so obvious to me that all these babies are so love, so cared for and it shows. These are happy babies. I have had many photo sessions with babies and they are not easy. I’ve had newborn sessions when the baby refuses to sleep, toddler sessions where cooperation is just not happening, but these sessions were the EASIEST baby sessions I have ever done! These babies love their mamas and I think that is a great testament to how wonderful moms they are!


Shelby and her 8 month old baby girl in an Ergo Sport

It is not about the photograph, it is about the story. I went into these sessions hoping to capture some precious mommy and baby moments, but I soon learned that I was capturing a story. With each session as I took pictures and listened, I learned about each mom’s story. I learned an amazing story about how one baby got his name. I learned about how a new baby restored confidence in one mom as a mother. I learned about some of the hopes and dreams these moms have for their precious bundles. Every time I walked away at the end of a session, I was filled with joy that these moms would share these stories with me.


Mandi and her 3 month old baby girl in a Boba 4G

I would do photography for free. No, seriously. Photography has been a passion of mine since I was little and helping my dad in his dark room. I had so much fun capturing moments and making memories with these families that I would feel bad charging people for me to do something I love so much. I think that’s why I offered to do these. It was my project, my ideas and these moms were so gracious to go along with it. I want to thank these moms for taking time out of their busy lives to let me take pictures of them and tell a little bit about their lives!

Want to see more babywearing pictures? Check out the beautiful babies in my Babies of Babywearing post!

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