A Super Birthday!

I am TWO

I’ll be honest and say that I am not a fan of birthday parties. I don’t like planning them, and I don’t like going to them. I should specify with children’s birthday parties. If you invite my kids to a party, if we don’t show up, don’t take it personally. It’s not because we don’t like you, or your kids, its because of the birthday party. Yeah, I know, I’m such a party pooper…whatever.

Normally what happens in our house is that we invite family to come do a fun activity with us to celebrate. No house to clean or decorate, and no kids to entertain for 2 hours. It is a great alternative to a party. With my son we went to the zoo and with my daughter we went to the aquarium and they had a blast!

BUT with the baby we did a party. With the older two we had a party for their first and second birthday. Long story short-ish, we wanted to make sure Baby G got the same treatment and brother and sister.

So, the super birthday party was planned. You know what? I actually had a great time making stuff for the party. Baby G is really into super-heroes right now so we went with it. I just invited family and a few friends with kiddos close to Baby G’s age.

First I did a Clark Kent mini photo shoot. I dressed him up in a onesie with a tie, jeans and some prop “nerd” glasses.

Baby G as Clark Kent

Yes, I totally stuck him in the middle of my street and took pictures. Before you panic and say awful things, I live in the back of my neighborhood on the corner. We didn’t see a car the entire time we were out there.

Ok, so the photo shoot was totally for fun, but seriously! Is he not the cutest!?

The next thing I did was to make capes and masks for the kids at the party. Because I’m a crazy crafter-lady, I just had mounds of felt laying around. So I used the felt I already had to cut out capes and masks. I stuck velcro dots on the capes so they could be put on and taken off easily.

capes for the kids

I also Googled the heck out of “superhero” and “party” and “printable” and also “free” and found an awesome PDF template that had everything I needed for a party…did I mention it was FREE! The PDF had templates for water bottle labels, cupcake signs, straw flags, display signs and more! I just saved that bad-boy to a flash drive, got what I wanted printed in color on card stock, paid like $5 and BAM! Party WIN! The printables are made by Love Party Printables and the link to the Superhero Party Printable.

One of the coolest things I did for the party….but lets be real, it was all pretty cool…was the skyline that I made. I feel a superhero party is not complete without a skyline. How would the Bat-Signal work? Anyways….. I took white tri-fold display poster and two black pieces of poster board. I, again, used the magic of Google and found an awesome model skyline of New York and copied it to the right scale on the black posters, cut it out and glued it to the display board.


Yeah, I know what you are thinking….
I’m crazy
That looks really hard
How do I have that much time

CALM DOWN! It seriously only took me a little over an hour! It’s all straight lines and I used a ruler and now I have this awesome skyline….that I have no idea what to do with now, but is still really cool.

For snacks I got fruit….LOTS and LOTS of fruit. We put the fruit together on a circular tray and made Captain America’s shield. It was so easy and looked pretty good.
Seriously, from the outside in its:
Strawberries (halved)
Bananas (sliced)
Strawberries (still halved)
Blueberries (don’t waste time trying to cut something as small as blueberries!)
Apples (sliced and placed in the shape of a star)


The last thing I did was set up a photo area. Basically I bought a superhero table cloth, crepe paper, and tissue paper, handed it to my little sister “the event planner” and said GO! (No, but seriously, she is an event planner!)


I also bought a pack of cut outs at Hobby Lobby that have different onomatopoeias on it and taped sticks to it for props. There was onomatopoeia all over that wall! (Hehe! I made a funny!)


Baby G’s favorite words that day were “BANG!” and “BOOM!” It was awesome! He still walks around the house yelling “BOOM!”

For not being a big birthday party person, this was actually a lot of fun! It didn’t cost a whole lot and people seemed to have fun. We asked everyone to dress up in their favorite superhero shirt so that added a lot of fun too!


You really cannot go wrong with a superhero party! It almost makes me want to plan a party next year….no, just kidding. MAYBE if it was another superhero party.

Always be yourself…
unless you can be Batman
then ALWAYS be Batman.


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