A Happy Halloween

Ash Ketchum, a ballerina and a garden gnome…

I feel like that’s the beginning of a really bad joke. Like one my dad would tell (and we would all groan instead of laugh at the punchline)


So last year we went ALL OUT and dressed up as The Incredibles (seriously, go check those pictures out!) and it was awesome! I feel like I did my time with the whole matching thing and just let the kiddos pick their costumes this year…except for Baby G. He was going to be a gnome and that was it!

My oldest has an obsession…a little one (*eye roll*) of guess what?! Daddy introduced him to a card game and the classic “Red Version” on the Game Boy and now its all he talks about….and I miiight play a little of the game on my phone (maybe….)


So we went with the classic Ash look. I bought a white polo shirt and a blue t-shirt. I cut the sleeves off the t-shirt and cut both shirts down the middle. I sewed the two shirts together at the opening in the front and then craft glued a felt yellow band around the bottom and fake pockets.

For his gloves, I just bought a two pack of children’s gloves and cut off the fingers, and the hat I found online for like $6. I did a simple amigurumi crochet pattern to make a pokeball. (seriously simple, it takes like 20 minutes to make). I already had a tiny black back pack (no, I’m not going to break out into song…hello 90’s!) I did splurge on the cute stuffed animal because I knew my son would love it.

I added some of his normal jeans and tennis shoes and BAM! Best Ash ever! (don’t say that too fast!)



Gotta Catch Em All

Gotta catch em all!


Now the daughter was a little harder because she is so indecisive. I have NO IDEA where she gets that from! She went from ballerina, to Wonder Woman, to a cat and probably other things.

Sissy the beautiful ballerina

Sissy the beautiful ballerina

We stuck with ballerina, because if you know anything about her, you know she loves to dance.  Her costume was super easy, but, I thought, came out really cute! I got her a cotton leotard, white tights, and simple ballet slippers. I made the tutu with a wide elastic band and white and pink tulle which I alternated around. We bought the legs warmers when we bought big brother’s stuffed animal (so they both got something special for their costumes)


She had an absolute blast being a ballerina. There was a DJ with a dance stage set up downtown where we always trick-or-treat and she was dancing away on stage to all the great Halloween classics. It was awesome!


Now the decision to make Baby G a gnome was made back in July actually. We were at my nephew’s first birthday party and we put a red party hat on Baby G and my heart melted. With his red hair and tiny toddler-ness (shut up! It’s a thing) I knew that the gnome was in our future.

Garden Gnomw

It was totally a hit and Baby G LOVED his hat. He kept pointing to his head at saying “at at”. I just bought a long sleeve white onesie and black sweat pants for the base of the outfit. Besides that, his costume was mainly made of felt (that I already had lying around so…WIN!)

For the blue “shirt” I just cut a little tunic out. (Just fold the felt in half and cut how wide you want it. Then make a head hole!) The belt is just black strip of felt with a yellow square. For the hat I used the Garden Gnome Hat Tutorial from Tikkido. For the shoes, I just made shoe covers. I sort of followed the Elf Slippers pattern from maya made, but changed it a little to be shoe covers. The beard (also felt) was a last minute addition because I wasn’t sure he would tolerate it…and he did, like a champ!

Garden Gnome

The garden gnome costume was such a hit and was not that hard to make. I might try and work on a costume tutorial post…because seriously…who DOESN’T need a garden gnome in their life!

And yes, I totally put him in our front flower bed like a REAL garden gnome…

Hope you enjoyed our pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them!
Happy Halloween!


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