Cloth Diapering

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My next class will be:
Tuesday October 6, 2015
at Austin Born in Austin, TX
You can find out more information on Facebook here.

Cloth diapering has been gaining popularity, and for great reason! Cloth diapers are not only environmentally savvy, but easy on the wallet and look seriously cute on your baby’s bum! I have cloth diapered both of my babies and am prepping my diapers for another round when our third bundle arrives in October! With 4+ years of cloth diapering experience, many people began asking me for advice or suggestions. So about a year and a half ago, I started teaching cloth diapering classes at my local birth center.

In addition to my local classes, I have added a five-part cloth diapering series on my blog that covers everything I talk about in my class. I will be adding to this series as people like you bring up issues or questions, so feel free to suggest a topic or ask a question. In the meantime, check out my posts on cloth diapering:

Part 1: Why Cloth?
Part 2: Types of Cloth Diapers
Part 3: Washing Procedures and Detergents
Part 4: Cloth Diapering Accessories
Part 5: Stripping Cloth Diapers

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