KatieHi! I’m Katie and here is a little about me and how I started writing this blog.

My journey to this point started when I was pregnant with my first child, my son. I read everything I could get my hands on, researched my options for everything and interviewed lots of people. My husband and I made informed choices about our pregnancy, our son’s birth and our style of parenting. I had my son at a very large hospital in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and had chosen a medicine free, intervention free birth where my son could come into the world on his terms. I had a wonderful hospital birth, but soon found out that my experience was not the norm in that hospital and most of the hospitals around the country. This disturbed me and I became a mommy on a mission to help other expected parents make informed choices about their own pregnancies and births. This love of sharing information birthed Grace Faith Dirt. It started out slow and some of my posts were really bad!

I later had the experience of my first home birth with the birth of my daughter and it fueled the fire to help empower women to be educated and know their options in regards to pregnancy and childbirth. I then realized I had the unique perspective of having each a hospital birth and a home birth and could relate to women in both positions. I took this to my advantage and I read more, researched more and talked with other moms and began to help moms. I learned a lot and my blog posts improved.

We then decided to relocate our family to the Austin area. I was so excited to be around other self proclaimed “crunchy moms”. (I have since abandoned this title and prefer “hippie”!) I soon found out that my small community and the surrounding ones did not have any opportunities for pregnancy, childbirth or parenting education. I felt a pull to help fill that void. So I went to doula training, became a labor doula, started teaching cloth diaper classes, befriended some midwives connected with a local birth center, and met a chiropractor couple who specialize in babies and families. I have learned so much from my own journey, the journeys of others, and the people I met have changed my life.

We just recently introduced our third child and got to experience our second home birth. I am attending births, teaching classes and trying to learn as much as I can about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting because I love knowledge, but mainly so I can share my knowledge with everyone else. While I am not reading breastfeeding books and asking my chiropractor weird questions I love photography, Legos, yoga and being able to stay at home with my three babies.

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  1. Hi!
    I just wanted to extend my sincere appreciation for the recent referral to my business! Thank you very much! I also hear you are the cloth diapering expert from Allie Goodwin. I will be sure to let all of my clients know. Thank you again!

    • You’re welcome! I have heard wonderful things about you and all that you do! Thank you for taking care of a friend! And yes, I teach cloth diapering classes at The Central Texas Birth Center almost monthly now! Thanks!

  2. Haha… I feel like I wrote that post… Except I was born in Austin and my 2nd was a hospital birth and my 1st and 3rd were at home. We met at the event at CTBC and I still have a trash bag full of diapers for you. I was actually trying to look around for another stripping routine when I came across your about me. Seriously all of what you said makes me feel like we’re sisters. Down to the fact that I’ve been called crunchy but prefer hippie :) I’ve also tried to empower and inform anyone willing to listen to me ramble on about anything baby. Can we be friends?!

    • That is so awesome Meg! I love it! Hippie’s unite! Don’t even worry about stripping them if you don’t have the time. I can totally take care of it. Thank you so much for the diapers! I am very excited to get this Diaper Library up and running!

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