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essential oils

My family and I were introduced to essential oils when I was pregnant with my daughter, but didn’t really dive in and start using them until the beginning of 2014. Introducing essential oils into our house has really changed the way we look at health and sickness in our house. We have always tried to keep our bodies healthy with the right foods, supplements and preventative care. Essential oils are an additional (and now vital in our house) tool for the emotional and physical health of our household.


Want to learn more about essential oils?
I am currently in the process of writing a few educational posts about essential oils. So stay tuned and check back frequently to see more info as I add it. Here are some of the things I am working on:

Why I love Essential Oils

What are Essential Oils?

How to use Essential Oils.

Essential Oils in the Bible.

Interested in buying essential oils or just finding out more information? Please email me: or comment below and I will help you get what you need!


2 thoughts on “Essential Oils

  1. Hey Katie! It’s Samantha (Hutto mamas group.) I saw in Pinterest that on guard was great for the immune system as a booster. I’m putting teddy in Mother’s Day out and want to do my best to prefer him from getting sick as much as possible. How much would it be if I ordered it through you?



    • Hey Samantha! I absolutely LOVE On Guard and use it on my kiddos a lot, especially during cold and flu season. I actually have one in stock. I always try and pass on my oils discount to people who order from me because I sell the oils first because I love them myself!

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